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Corporate Wellness Presentations/Group Workshops

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While I do work full time, I may be available to periodically take time to provide wellness presentations at your office.

Eating well is good for business!


 Does your company have a wellness initiative in place?

Or is your organization looking to offer health-focused talks?

 I am available to come to your office, community center, school, organization and speak on a variety of health topics. Whether you want to learn about Eating for Energy, the Food Mood Connection, “out of the box” lunch menus, or specific dietary guidelines to prevent disease and improve wellness, I will put together a custom-tailored presentation that works for you and your organization.

My workshops are entertaining, informative and focus on positive reinforcement. I provide realistic strategies and tips that the average person can use right away to improve his/her food choices and move towards optimal nutritional health.

What clients at local businesses are saying

 “Mary Purdy is an amazing trainer. She captivates her audience whether she’s talking about GMO’s or fiber. To truly be an effective trainer, you must keep your participants engaged, and Mary does this effortlessly. She educates, inspires and entertains. You will leave one of her nutrition trainings literally plotting how to get more super nutrients in your life.  We are very grateful to have Mary as one of our consultant trainers, providing her invaluable skills to enhance the wellbeing of our clients.” -Trisha Johnson, MA,Wellspring Family Services

“We have invited to Mary to speak to several very different audiences, and she connected equally well with all of them through her cheerful and witty approach to nutrition. She brings energy, warmth, humor and zest to her presentations. Her talks are solution-oriented, non-judgmental, and always focused on the positive. Most importantly, she has a true passion for tasty, nutritious food, and inspires the same enthusiasm in her audience.”- Kristen McHenry, Hope Heart Institute.

What Participants are saying:

“This class was awesome! Thank you for the great information & your positive and energetic self!”

“Excellent presentations. Instructor full of energy and great personality.

“One of the best presenters for these classes ever!”

COST:Prices begin at $350 for a one hour “Lunch n’ Learn” Sample presentation menu below. If you are a non-profit, prices may be negotiable.

Worksite wellness is quite the buzz these days with many Seattle businesses. In fact, in Seattle Business Magazine, many of the Top 100 Businesses in Seattle were sited as such because of the emphasis they place on employee health.

Your people are your business. When they’re givien accurate information and smart strategies to manage their own body’s nutritional needs, they’re empowered. They feel better, they think better, they perform better.

Studies show that healthy employees are more productive, have fewer sick days and add greater value to the company. Nutritional education can help to prevent many of the chronic diseases that are costing businesses large amounts of money. See Article Here.

With a wellness program in workplace, the American Journal of Health Promotion “showed an average 27 percent reduction in sick leave absenteeism, 26 percent reduction in health care costs, and 32 percent reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management cost claims” while the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center estimates that an organization saves $350 annually when a low-risk employee remains low risk and $153 when a high-risk employee’s health risks are reduced.

What I offer can be as simple as a one time presentation to a series of presentations/one on one consulting, leading a weight loss challenge, etc. It’s up to the needs and budget of the company.

I also take insurance: Premera, Aetna, Regence, First Choice and Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Lifewise. Thus, encouraging your employees to take advantage of their benefits may be at no additional cost to the company!

A well implemented wellness initiative (even a simple offering of a wellness workshop) can be an excellent employee benefit and result in increased employee morale, enhanced performance and improved retention.

I have a 12 minute power point presentation that I would be glad to present to your Human Resources department about worksite wellness and the many benefits a company can expect.

 Sample Presentation Menu

  • How and Why We Eat: The Food Mood Connection
  • Squashing the 3pm Slump: Eating to Energize!
  • Beyond Broccoli: Eating for Energy, Immunity and Wellbeing
  • Take Heart: Optimizing Cardiac Health
  • Beyond Mac n’ Cheese: Healthy Munchin’ for Kids
  • Lose the Salt, Keep the Flavor: Sodium Alternatives
  • Sweet Tooth Therapy: Managing Cravings & Finding Tasty Treats
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget
  • Making Sense of Food Sensitvities
  • Superfoods: The Silver Bullets of Health
  • Beyond Oatmeal: Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

 Additional Video Samples

Click here to view a video of a presentation I did for GOOGLE ( My presentation starts about 23 mins and 44 seconds in).

Click here for a video of a presentation at the Aging Services of Washington. Scroll down and click on “Holistic Wellness, Bastyr University, December 5, 2009”

 Past Clients have  included

  • Google
  • Starbucks
  • Seattle Housing Authority
  • Fred Hutchison Research Center
  • Port of Seattle
  • Office Dept
  • Snohomish County
  • Laird Norton
  • Hope Heart Institute
  • Snohomish County
  • Evergreen Hospital
  • CIFR Incorporated/CAMMS Shelters
  • Wellspring Family Services
  • Cornish College of the Arts
  • Digipen University
  • Seattle University