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“The Eat Clean Routine!”: A 10-Day Online Detox for a New You

I am no longer offering this online detox.  Please stay tuned.  I am working on a book on the topic and hope you’ll tune in then.

Feeling sluggish, fatigued or struggling with symptoms you just cannot figure out?

How about 10 Days of Clean Eating?  Transform your health. Revitalize your life!

Check out this detox video

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Mary Purdy 10 day detox

Imagine feeling fantastic!

The Eat Clean Routine may:

  • Help you feel more energetic and vital
  • Improve muscle and joint discomfort
  • Improve concentration, memory and reduce headaches
  • Reduce allergy symptoms
  • Improve digestive health
  • Support healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure
  • Help with weight loss
  • Improve your skin
  • Help you learn more about nutrition, enhance your relationship with food and kick start your health into gear!

Can I really do this? You ask.

(You can do it, I promise)



What do you get? 2 options!

Your Eat Clean Routine Includes

  • A comprehensive detoxifying and delicious protein/detox powder so you have full nutritional support
  • A bottle of high quality liver and GI supportive supplement so your body gets the boost it needs.
  • A bottle of high quality probiotics to support beneficial bacteria
  • A sample of a delicious and nutritious protein bar so you have something for an on the go day.
  • Access to website with daily instructions and guidelines so that you always know what to do  and what to eat each day
  • Guidelines Protocol with detailed explanation of the program, smoothie ideas, menu plans, specific foods to include and exclude so you feel armed and ready with a plan.
  • Easy and delicious recipes for  creative bean dishes, glorious greens and grains, healthy desserts and other powerhouse foods you’ll be eager to try so you don’t get bored with your food options!
  • Resources for healthy restaurants &  juice bars in your area so you are never too far from a healthy meal even when out or traveling
  • Retail Value: $250 – YOURS for $199! (NOW $119)

 The “Premium” Eat Clean Routine includes all the items on the left plus the below additional benefits

  • A tub of greens powder to help provide additional nutritional support and ensure you get yer greens in!
  • A smoothie shaker bottle for easy smoothie making anywhere
  • A box of delicious “detox tea” to stimulate digestion, provide support to the kidneys and offer a tasty warming beverage
  • A 1 hour one on one phone/skype consult  either at the beginning, midway point or end of the process with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Mary Purdy to help guide you.
  • Email support from the Nourishing Balance Team
  • Retail Value $425 – YOURS for $299! (NO LONGER CURRENTLY AVAILABLE)

Please note: If you are on medications, please email me ( to discuss so we can determine whether this process is appropriate for you. 
Nourishing Balance detox


“This detox program has been life changing! It was exactly what I needed to make a huge transition in my life. It made me take time out for myself and to treat myself with the loving kindness we all deserve…Thank you Mary and everyone for your encouragement, recipes and support!”  – Kendra

” It’s been remarkable not just how easy this has been but how vivifying. My energy has been strong and steady…much different than my usual sluggishness. More importantly it has been the touchstone to move toward a more sustainable way of eating. I’m spending less while eating much more healthfully. ” – Nick

“I discovered how much I like eating this way and how we can really enhance the flavor of our whole foods with great spices/herbs. I’m looking forward to repeating the experience. We really learned from each other. Thank you Mary for educating and inspiring us” – Leslie

“My detox was the catalyst that triggered an understanding of how eating affected the way I feel. During the detox, I felt lighter. I learned how to mix foods so that I was not hungry, and I gained a taste for some foods (while losing my appetite for others). Those changes helped propel me to a healthier lifestyle that has resulted in a drop in cholesterol, which has been an area of concern for me. Mary Purdy is truly an amazing person to work with: responsive, thoughtful, knowledgeable. – Chris


Money Back Guarantee!

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into this program and feel confident that you’ll be delighted with the experience and the results. If for are not satisfied with your purchase, we are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. And please, send any feedback you have to

Nourishing Balance detox

Nourishing Balance detox

leafy greens

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the process of neutralizing or clearing toxins from the body. Engaging in a yearly or bi-annual  food based and clean eating cleanse is a  wonderful chance to rid our system’s of numerous toxins that may have built up over the past months or year and allowing the body to de-congest and regenerate healthy cells.


Nourishing Balance detox

The Detox Protocol: An overview

Phase I: 4 day prep

You are preparing for the detox. Notice what you are eating, how you are feeling, and how food affects you. Keep diet diary. Begin to drink more water (filtered) and cut back on coffee. If you take any supplements for your health like iron, vitamin D or Co Q 10, you can continue doing so.

Phase II: 3 days Transitioning diet & starting supplements
Decrease certain foods and increase others. Start taking supplements. See if you can exercise or sauna once this week.

Phase III: 7 days Final detoxification enhancing phase
Eliminating foods that hamper detoxification and increasing foods that enhance it. Infuse body with enhancing foods. Continue supplements and protein powder protocols. Exercise and sauna/sweating a few times this week.

This will not be a fast or a “master cleanse” diet. It will be about taking 2 weeks to remove certain foods from the diet which hamper detoxification and adding in those foods which enhance it. You will be introduced to a variety of fun and yummy new foods and can modify according to your likes and dislikes. There is no doubt that you will feel a difference and it may jump start you onto a new way of eating!

This cleanse will be food focused, realistic for your lifestyle, supportive to your body and deliciously fun!

Want more info about what a detox looks like? Check out my 45 minute FREE DETOX WEBINAR to get a sense of how to approach it.

Click here to enter the Online Detox Website portal. Once you  have officially paid and signed up for the detox,  we will contact you and you will be given a unique password to enter the password protected pages on the site.


Click here to read Mary’s approach  featured in PREVENTION MAGAZINE.

Nourishing Balance detox