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28 Aug

Vegetables and You: A Love Story, Waiting to Happen.

Mary Purdy 10 day detoxI know what you’re thinking: “Another diatribe about the holiness of the leafy green?  Let’s face it.  I just don’t like  or have time to make vegetables.”

I don’t believe it.

#1  It’s time to stop thinking that eating vegetables and, God forbid, cutting vegetables is some sort of  time-consuming hard ship.  If I had a carrot for every time I heard someone talk about how difficult it is to chop vegetables, honestly, I would have a cauldron of carrot soup.   Grabbing a knife from a knife block and placing a vegetable on a wooden cutting board and then moving one’s wrist up and down to cut that tuber into little chunks will take less than 4 minutes, and, extra bonus, it can burn a few calories!  I’m not sure exactly how much, I haven’t figured that out, but it should burn at least 30 kcals depending on how enthusiastic you get. This has not been scientifically proven but is an approximation by yours truly.   (Side note: When I chop kale, I burn at least 50 calories as I am also dancing at the same time in great anticipation and excitement.)  Aren’t you always barkingabout how there just isn’t enough time for physical activity?  Here’s your opportunity!  You can get closer to eating an increased amount of vegetables AND be exercising your bicep at the same time! 


#2 I know, now you’re thinking, ok, I cut the vegetable but….boring, it’s just a vegetable, how satisfying is that?  First of all, a good quality cucumber that has not been waxed and sitting in the vegetable market for 17 days, is completely delicious with a simple sprinkle of salt and pepper or a dash of paprika.  And if you’ve never had an avocado with a splash of lime juice solomente, my friend, you do not need much more!  Oh, you DO? Ok, well, chew on this: how about some blessed chili powder atop of that?  Yeah!  Now we are talking.  Is your mouth watering yet?  It should be because salivary glands are highly stimulated by visual images of foods that are likely to activate them.  Think about Sour Patch Kids.  Think about them!  See? Now go back and think about lime juice and a dash of chili powder atop a beyond insanely delicious ripe avocado.  Omigod, I just slobbered on the computer key board.  I apologize.

But back to this adverse reaction to the arduous job of chopping that helps enable you to ingest more vitamins and minerals, the lack of which is contributing to that 3pm energy dip which sends you wandering over to Shirley’s candy jar at work.

What’s that?  You don’t have the time to lift up a knife and slice, dice or grate? Well, the time that it takes you to complain about the time you don’t have is the same amount of time it will take you to cut that vegetable.   Quick,  say,  “I have no time. I’m too busy”. (“I have no energy. I’m too busy”.)   I just made two chopping  movements in that time.  I’m halfway thru a pepper.

Are you fired up yet?  No?  Need more inspiration for cooking those veggies? Ok, have you ever heard of an onion or seen a clove of garlic lingering around your kitchen?  These are your friends.  These will set you free.  Toss either or into a pan with olive oil alongside side your freshly chopped veggies and you just turned into Martha Stewart?  What’s that?  Onions make your eyes water?  Garlic makes your hands smell…like…garlic?    You know what I smell?  The smell of excuses, my veggie fearing friends, and it stinks a lot more than that bulby antioxidant-rich allium.  So here you go on your first adventure. Grab a knife, or get familiar with the reason you were given teeth.  Your first bite into that carrot means a lot less carrot soup that I have to freeze.

Lovingly yours in veggieness, Mary Purdy

3 responses to “Vegetables and You: A Love Story, Waiting to Happen.”

  1. Atit Marmer says:

    Yes,yes,yes!!! I’ll do anything you say. Remember, I’m the president of your fan club. And I do love vegetables.

    • mary purdy says:

      Thanks, Atit! I can always count on you for your enthusiasm. So glad you love those veggies. I hope you are well. – Mary :)

  2. Kia Flinton says:

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