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Mary Purdy, MS RDN, describes the Nourishing Balance philosophy and approach towards achieving healthy lifestyles.

Let food be thy medicine!

Mary Purdy, MS, RDN,
Integrative Clinical Nutritionist

I am no longer in private practice.  I now work as a Wellness Dietitian/Coach with the Scientific Wellness Company, Arivale using personalized genetic data and cutting edge science to guide clients in improving their health.
This website is currently in transition but will continue to act as a platform for blogging, videos and a history of my various activities. You are welcome to get in touch with me at but I will not be able to offer any nutritional counsel as my practice has officially closed.  Please seek out other integrative nutritionists listed on my “contact” page.
You can also check out My YouTube Channel for some humorous and educational nutrition nuggets!

This website is a personal website and is not reflective of Arivale’s policies or beliefs.


Have you been wanting to . . .

  • Improve your eating habits
  • Address and manage health issues & medical conditions
  • Prevent sickness & disease
  • Increase your energy, vitality and productivity
  • Reduce or stop your cravings and binges
  • Explore your relationship with food
  • Have a few laughs?

You’ve reached the right place!

I subscribe to the “food as medicine” and “whole person approach.”  I believe in using whole foods nutrition, targeted dietary therapies when necessary, dietary supplements, laboratory assessments and mind body practices to help improve health.  Nutrition plays a role that goes beyond calories, and has a direct impact on how the body functions.  It’s essential to address  the underlying causes of disease & identify the genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep, emotional resiliency, and relationship to food that ultimately influence health and healing.

Work with Mary to make it happen!

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